“Radical Discipleship” Sermon Series 21st February – 28th March 2021

Jesus does not only preach the message of repentance (Mark 1:15), he reconstructs the culture of his time, reframes its questions, reshapes its concerns, and redirects its hopes. As Forsyth says, Jesus and the early church “converted” their culture – they brought the gospel to bear on it so that it was radically changed. This series examines some of “topsy-turvy”, counter-cultural yet timeless principles introduced by Jesus and the apostles. The goal is to help reshape our habits, reframe our worldviews and re-engage our world with fresh Christian insights and godly kingdom values, both as individuals and as a church. Our “brighter and brighter” future must be one that whole-heartedly embraces these values.

Date Theme Chapter
21/2/2021 Last Becomes First Matthew 19:29-20:16
28/2/2021 Poverty Becomes Richness 2 Corinthians 8:1-15
7/3/2021 Death Becomes Life John 12:20-33
14/3/2021 Least Becomes Great (Mother’s Day) Mark 10:32-45
21/3/2021 Denying Oneself Becomes Fullness of Life Matthew  16:13-28
28/3/2021 Insignificant Becomes Significant Matthew  25:31-46