Mission Conference 2022 – Mission for the Impossible

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Friday 25th 7.30-9pm
Worship & Ministry Centre
69-71 Brook Green, Hammersmith, W6 7BE
In English, Cantonese and Mandarin language
All ages welcome
Involves worship, praise and prayer, Keynote speaker Dr Patrick Fung OMF short talk, Short Term Mission teams sharing

“MISSION IMPOSSIBLE ? in a confusing world”

Saturday 26th 2-4pm
Worship & Ministry Centre
69-71 Brook Green, Hammersmith, W6 7BE
In English language,
All ages welcome with Children Programme for Age 5-13
Worship / Keynote speaker Dr Patrick Fung OMF short talk & Quiz / Interactive workshops (In English) & Booth Stands from Mission Organisations

Contents of Saturday Workshops

Mercy Ships  Hello, my name is Leo Cheng, I have been a consultant for oral, maxillofacial and head surgeon for over  20 years in London. But in the last 20 years, I have been using my annual leave to help the forgotten poor in west Africa onboard the Mercy Ship. Mercy Ship is a heavenly ship because it is a group of light minded Christians who help those people without hope of receiving any treatments. We are in the middle of a global surgical crisis, because 2/3 of the world population do not have access to timely, safe and affordable surgery. Mercy ship here is to meet the gap of surgical needs, and also for medical capacity building to train local health care workers to build a better healthcare system. I have plenty of life changing stories to share with you. Come and join me in the conference! I look forward to seeing you and sharing God’s miracle with you. God bless you

OMF Hi, my name is Ngaira Smith and I work with OMF UK. And I’m really excited to join you for Mission Impossible next weekend. Thank you for the opportunity to share about an incredible new initiative that OMF are involved with called Work + GoWork+Go provides people who are engaged in the secular workforce through their career or profession, to be involved in Mission. How exciting is that! So you can use your interests, your abilities, your skills, to share Jesus across cultures. Whether that’d be in your workplace, across the Street, or across the globe in East Asia. So come along and find out more about how you can use all of who you are as part of the Great Commission of sharing Jesus across nations.

Pioneers – Hello. My name is Steve. I work with Pioneers here in the UK. I’m looking forward to spending the day with you very soon. And I’d like to share with you a little bit about the workshop that I and my friend Joanie, who’s from Hong Kong, will be doing with you very soon. Pioneers is all about helping send people around the world, especially to those that are unreached places that have had very little access to the gospel. Well, for us that live in the UK now, the world is coming to live with us, around us. And so we would like to talk with you about the idea of welcoming. These people are coming from various lands around the world and they don’t really know the UK. They don’t have many friends. Often those of us here, whether we’re Asian or or American, like myself or from the UK originally, we often don’t know how to make friends with these people coming from other lands. So in our short time together, we’ll be looking at the biblical idea of welcoming and seeing and encouraging each other to get more involved with those people that are not like us. Look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you.

Teach Beyond – Hello everybody,  quick question for you:  Why should we, as Jesus’s followers, care about the rights of children? Why education on the safety and wellbeing  of children globally so important?  My name is Matt Coe and I am the UK National Director of Teach Beyond. Teach Beyond believes that Christ-centred education is a powerful force for the transformation individuals and societies. Teach Beyond’s members work in over 70 countries and all matters of different settings and contexts.  Our projects range from children be in schools in refugee camps to children be in school in large international schools, to providing education to children who have no access to school at all.  So why should education on the safety and wellbeing of children around the world be important to you?  To us, why should the church of the rights of children be educated and saved to be valuable and important?  So come to my workshop and hear stories of how God is transforming lives through education and creating safe spaces for children around the world.

Look forward to seeing you at these events!

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