“How can I worship the Lord?” Sermon Series 16th July – 20th August 2023

By understanding and recognizing the psalms in their different genres, we can learn to reset our relationship with God under different circumstances, so that we can express our worship through poetry by pouring out our hearts to God, and thereby re-establish / rebuild our relationship with God.

Date Theme Chapter
16/07/2023 Praise the King * Ps. 96
23/07/2023 The joy of forgiveness of sins Ps. 32
30/07/2023 Asking God for remembrance in Iament Ps. 137
06/08/2023 From sorrow to joy Ps. 13
13/08/2023 What shall I return to the Lord? Ps. 116
20/08/2023 Hope comes from the Lord Ps. 62

* Note: all these titles are tentative for preachers’ use only; chairpersons should consult with the preacher in order to obtain the actual sermon title for the week.