“Genesis: Origins and Foundations” Sermon Series 2nd Jan – 10th Apr 2022

The first 12 chapters of Genesis span at least 2,000 years of human history, and possibly much more. They are the story of origins, beginnings and foundations, and as such they are fundamental to our understanding of the rest of the redemption story in the Bible. They introduce us to the origins of sin, and to God’s response to sin in both judgment and grace. They are key to understanding many fundamental questions that moderns ask about existence (e.g., “Who am I?”), society (e.g., “What is my responsibility to-wards creation?”) and theology (e.g., “What is God doing about the state of the world today?”).

Date Theme Chapter
2/1/2022 Creation I: the Natural World Gen. 1:1-1:25
9/1/2022 Creation II: Rest Gen. 1:26-2:3
16/1/2022 Creation III: Adam and Eve Gen. 2:4-25
23/1/2022 The Fall: Exile from Eden Gen. 3:1-24
30/1/2022 The Fall: Cain and Abel Gen. 4:1:26
6/2/2022 Special Sunday To be specified by speaker
13/2/2022 The Fall: Generations of Adam Gen. 5:1-32
20/2/2022 The Fall: Nephilim Gen. 6:1-12
27/2/2022 Judgment and Redemption I: Noah’s Ark Gen. 6:9-7:5
6/3/2022 Judgment and Redemption II: The Flood Gen. 7:6-24
13/3/2022 Judgment and Redemption III: A New Beginning Gen. 8:1-22
20/3/2022 Judgment and Redemption IV: A New Promise Gen. 9:1-17
27/3/2022 Sin Re-enters I: Generations of Noah Gen. 9:18-10:32
3/4/2022 Sin Re-enters II: Tower of Babel Gen. 11:1-32
10/4/2022 Redemption: The Call of Abram Gen. 12:1-9