Alpha with CCiL

Alpha with Chinese Church in London

You & your friends are invited! Alpha is for anyone who wants to ask questions about life, faith and meaning alongside exploring the Christian Faith. We are running Alpha during 1) late Apr to early Jul, and 2) Oct to Dec, in 2022.

Alpha is a safe space to meet new people, connect over in-person / video chat, watch an episode about life & faith together. It is a series of 10-11 sessions for you to ask questions and share your point of view. Alpha is a place where you can be yourself and challenge everything. Your point of view is as important as everyone’s! Each session consists of watching a short episode and a group time for inspiring conversations to discuss questions that are important to you. You are invited to Alpha, join us for even better conversations, new friends, laughters and more. No question is too complex or too simple!

Groups are available in English, Cantonese or Mandarin subject to sufficient participant interest. Date & details in the link below. Sign up to #TryAlpha #AskAtAlpha today!

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Alpha is a space for conversations to explore life, meaning and faith in a friendly, informal & open environment. 30 million people have tried Alpha in 112 different languages globally. Find out more about Alpha here.

Ana talks about her questions, struggles and journey of finding her own, unique faith, and true happiness through Alpha.

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