YEC19 Workshops

Choose which two workshops you would like to go to at YEC19 by reading the descriptions and then using the form below. Go for topics that sound interesting to you or that might help you in some way.

There will also be ‘Creative Workshops’ during the camp, but you don’t need to sign up for those ones.

  • Depression

    Guest Speaker: Johnny Chow

    Many people experience depression, maybe because of pressure to perform, not feeling loved, competition in the world etc. Christians who are supposed to live a transformed life and full of promised joy, could live an unhappy and anxious life while facing these challenges from the world.

    How can the Bible help us be watchful not to let our joy be robbed from us?

  • How to Read the Bible?

    Guest Speaker: James So

    Sometimes reading a text written thousands of years ago can seem confusing, tiresome or even irrelevant… But as Christians, isn’t the Bible meant to be key to a healthy faith and living a Godly life?

    In this workshop we will address some of these issues. We will first answer some questions about the Bible itself. Who wrote it? Can I trust it? Is it still relevant today? Afterwards, through group work, we will explore some key techniques that may help us interpret the Bible in a faithful yet relevant way.


    Speaker: Hannah Chan

    Who gets to define personhood? Is a person’s identity defined by their sexual desires and behaviours? Are our views the same as God’s regarding LGBTTQQIAAP+?

    Whether you have a strong view, no view, or aren’t sure, take this opportunity to consider what’s at stake, and go beyond what the media feeds us.

  • Single, in a Relationship, it’s Complicated!

    Guest Speakers: Simon & Kristina Tsang

    In this day and age of complicated relationships, what does it mean to be with someone, to date someone, to be married to someone? Come and explore what the Bible says about being in a relationship and what God has to say about it. Simon and Kristina’s relaxed workshop will include group discussions as well as a platform for you to ask questions.

  • Story-telling for the Nations

    Guest Speaker: Wei-Kay Chan

    “A story is the shortest distance between two people”. Stories create an atmosphere that opens the listener’s heart to the story-teller. Jesus is the ultimate Story-teller! He taught using parables, essentially stories of everyday stuff that his listeners could connect to. We too can draw on the commonplace to tell stories pointing to the magnificent beauty of Jesus.

    But the best story of all is the one He is writing through our lives. All of history is His Story and we are His poetry! (Ephesians 2:10) No talent required 😊. We each have a story to tell!