Virginia Yang (Hong Kong)


Mission STM Sharing_Virginia Yang (Hong Kong)
After returning from London the first question I was invariably asked is whether or not I had a good time.  Good Time?  Starting from the lost and subsequent found luggage, when so much seems out of my control, the burning question was what it is God wants me to learn from this trip. I was not well prepared, as the Treasurer of the team, I had little idea of the cost of living in London, although we had a timetable but I very little idea of what we were expected to do or how much.  But God’s plan is beyond our dream or expectation.  I learnt a lesson in faith, to let go and trust in Him.From day one, my concern was the physical well being of the team; whether or not they could last the tough 10 day schedule.  But praise the Lord for His protection, the team enjoyed relative good health apart from a few who suffered slight temperature rises.We experienced the Lord’s miraculous provision on the third day.  The brothers and sisters from CCiL blessed us with their generous hospitality from feeding us to spending time with us.  Through their sacrificial giving, money ceased to be a concern, the pressing question now is how we are to repay God’s abundant grace.

We learnt the valuable lesson of working in unity of Spirit, to be a blessing, to witness God’s glory. We worshipped, sang, told our testimonies and shared God’s word.  It was also a great encouragement as everyone cast shyness aside and used our limited English to lead games, explain rules and shared the gospel in the streets of London.  Once when we were sharing in Hyde Park, we were interviewed by the Olympic outside broadcast team and was able to let people know why we were in London.

Praise the Lord for His provision and His leading. No matter if we do not know how to carry on so long as we take the step to respond to His call, He will greatly use us.

Lastly my thanks to all my fellow team members for walking, talking, eating, learning and experiencing God with me on this STM.