Liverpool 2018 STM

This STM was to partner with Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church. We together organised a 3 days Holiday Bible School Program for Kids between age 5 -11. Here are our team sharing.


Wei Han Chan

Liverpool STM is the first STM I have been on. Going on this Liverpool STM was an encouraging and useful experience for me. God really blessed us on this STM as our host church were especially welcoming and the children were eager to learn about and worship God. During the STM, it was a learning experience for me to use new creative ways to share God’s story with the children. It was also very encouraging to meet and serve alongside brothers and sister from another church which is something I haven’t really had the chance to do.


Hsiang Yu Chen

It has been an amazing opportunity to be a part of Liverpool STM and serve with brothers and sisters from both Liverpool church and CCiL thank God for this opportunity to work together as a team and learn from one another. From this experience, I have learned once again of God’s creation and plans for us, through the team as well as through spending time with the children. I have learnt different ways to deliver God’s message and his Good News to young children in a way that is appealing and enjoyable as well as easy for the children to understand and, in doing so, developed a deeper understanding myself


Doris Chu

Liverpool STM has been fruitful and rewarding for me. The church brothers and sisters’ hospitality made me feel at home.  We were never hungry.  While preparing and teaching the children,  I also learned deeper about God’s creation and His plan for us. Daily evaluation helped to identify the needs of the children as well as focussing on the planned topics. It was great serving together with other sisters and brothers, both from different CCiL congregations and Liverpool Chinese Church. I feel very blessed being part of this STM.


Denise Lo

Going on the STM to Liverpool to help run a children’s camp was a very rewarding experience. It was wonderful to see the children’s joy and excitement to learn about God’s plan for them. I learnt from the other teachers on the team creative ways to share the gospel with children. It was also a good opportunity to serve as a family with my children, for them to see that they are never too young to engage in mission. It was encouraging to connect with brothers and sisters in Liverpool and recognise that though we are apart geographically we are one body in Christ. We really enjoyed the fellowship with brothers and sisters there and were very blessed by the hospitality of our hosts.