Kuo Tai Ming (Hong Kong)

London 2012 Outreach

Mission STM Sharing_Kuo Tai Ming (Hong Kong)
London 2012 is my sixth Olympics Short Term Mission but each time is different with new experiences and lessons. From the first STM to Barcelona 92 to London2012, I feel that I have aged, lacking in youthful energy and courage.  Praise God for using me still, that I was able to share experiences, to encourage the younger members to serve; to pass on the torch, to ‘Inspire a Generation’; just as the theme of the opening ceremony.There were many new and younger members in the London2012 team with innovative ideas and genuine ability to adapt to the pulse of time we were united in spirit working in partnership with brothers and sisters from the Chinese Church in London.  We had noticed that there are many bridges crossing the Thames linking the north and south banks.  Our partnership with CCiL is likened to one of the bridges, forming a vital gospel link and we continue to pray for the gospel work in London.

London2012 is over but our Mission work is not complete.  Just as someone shared, we need to live out our faith so that through us Christ’s love can impact people around us.  Each day is a mission and our memories of the London2012 will live on.

We pray that this partnership will see the beginning of a fruitful Sports Ministry and that the Lord will reap His harvest.