David Hung Tai Ooi (Hong Kong)

It All Started With Prayer …

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It all started with prayer…Around August last year the reminder came that we needed to pray…it was after prayer and with peace in our heart that we started to contact Chinese churches in London.  The Lord touched the Chinese Church in London and we were able to partner in this Short Term Mission.  From meeting us at the airport; to their generous hospitality to being our tour guide and prayer partner;  their love and generosity touched us all.

As the deputy team leader and pastoral staff, it was my prayer that we could witness the Lord’s leadership.  The team of 13 male and 6 female members had come from 14 different churches and it was not easy for 19 people from different backgrounds, different education and personalities to live under the same roof in a foreign country.  But by God’s grace we did it.  Going for Gold became our slogan for our mutual encouragement.  We were encouraged to show Christian love with a 5 second hug at the first sermon given by the deacon from New Soho congregation, at the second sermon we were taught to encourage each other in love.  Going for Gold + 5 second hug + love encouragement drew us closer; it was also what motivated us as we met and talked to passersby as well as people we met in the underground and in restaurants. What would life be like when we return to Hong Kong?  After the London experience I pray that each of us will continue to seek to engage the gospel with people of different nationalities; to fund raise for mission; to care for missionaries by writing to them and arranging hospitality; to participate in local outreach; to join a mission committee and share the mission vision etc.

London2012 had a special meaning for Christian athletes from Hong Kong as Lee Wai Sze, a devout Christian won a bronze medal for cycling.  Every member of the Short Term Team including the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Sports Ministry Coalition was presented with a gold medal inscribed with bible verse from Philippians 4:13 ‘I can do all things through Him who gives me strength’.
Symbolically speaking twenty gold medals in total were won for Christ…Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Although the Short Term Mission is finished, but we press on for Brazil2016, let Christians of the world unite to win the battle for Jesus.

But let us begin with prayer…