Sereen Koh

OMF,HONH KONG 海外基督使團,香港


Sereen was originally from Malaysia. She came to London to do nursing. She accepted the Lord in London and was baptised at CCIL in 1978. She was actively involved in the nurses ministry; visitation amongst the Vietnamese refugees and teaching in the Sunday school. She was also involved in North London Bible Study Group and Nurses Fellowship at church. She spent two years at Redcliffe Mission College before joining OMF in 1986. She then left for Hong Kong to work in the squatters’ ministry in early days. She then moved on to village ministry, church related ministries in Tai Po, elderly work, promote mission in church and SE Asian ethnic work in recent years.

  1. Praise for a good time with 2nd brother and wife, their son during their visit last month. They left a day before the protest started. Pray for their elder son who is here under student exchange program till Dec.,pray for God’s protection and diligent in his study and his walk with God.
  2. Doulos Centre ministry to the SE Asian ethnic groups, praise for many local church youth helping as volunteers ( I am a volunteer too) in visiting and giving tuition to the children, teaching Cantonese to the men and ladies. May God bless the work of the DC staff and volunteers.
  3. Praise God for His blessings upon the elderly ministry. Grandma Lai, 95 yrs old, gets baptised on 25/10 at Tung Wah Elderly Home. Pray for God’s grace upon her and use her to shine for the Lord in the Home. She is still alert and sure of eternal life in Christ.
  4. Pray for the youth who have drifted off and not attending church anymore after accepting Christ. Pray for church pastoral team to have wisdom, patience and love follow up on them.
  5. Pray for Dec. events in the church:21/12 baptism service 24/12 caroling in the neighbourhood 31/12 year-end thanksgiving service. May God bless these events for His glory.