Ron and Leng Kue Viergutz


Leng Kue is Malaysian and grew up in Selangor, West Malaysia. In 1970 she moved to London for studies and later became a Christian while nursing in 1973, and disciple by CCiL. She graduated from All Nations Christian College in 1979 and joined OMF to serve in Thailand the following year.

Ron comes from Saskatchewan, Canada, and became a Christian at 24 years of age. He graduated from The Church Army Training College in 1985, and joined OMF in 1988 to serve in Thailand.

Ron and Leng Kue met in Thailand and were married in 1990. After 20 years in the deep south involved in church planting and church development ministry, they began serving at Phayao Bible Seminary (PBS) in the far north in 2010.

Ron and Leng Kue are currently on Home Assignment in Canada until returning to serve in Thailand in November 2014, to the PBS ministry for now. They want to shout a big “Thank You” to God and to CCiL for your prayer and support over these many years.

In November 2014, Ron & Leng Kue return from a nine month Home Assignment in Canada to PBS ministry. They pray for God’s wisdom and strength in a challenging but rewarding work — both teach & counsel.

God’s wisdom for faculty and student leadership in dealing with difficult issues that may arise trying to disrupt the training, like worldly behaviour, relationship conflicts.