Pui Yee Yeung



Pui Yee Yeung

Born in Hong Kong, Pui Yee came to CCiL in 1965. Since 1976, she has devoted herself to the work at the Home of Loving Faithfulness (HOLF) in Hong Kong.

The Home of Loving Faithfulness was founded by two English missionaries in 1965 to care for children and adults who are physically and mentally handicapped. They also place children in Christian homes

all over the world. Twenty-two children have since been adopted by families in Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA, and Singapore.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Greetings from Hong Kong. I do miss all the fellowships, prayer meetings with you as well as the lovely food.
Praise the Lord for:
1. Jonathan (Tracy’s son) settling so well in the international school.
2. AuntieValerie’s improving health.
3. Judy had a nice holiday in England.
4. Nurse Carmen and Nurse Chan settled well in their new roles.
5. Yew Tung is able to attend Special school.
6. Pui Yee had 4 days in Taiwan by invitation of her niece Terry.

1. Wing Sze heard the news of her mum passing away last year. Her brother did not inform us until recently.
2. Auntie Valerie has decided to step down as Trustee of HOLF. She is 82 years old. We shall miss her.
3. Tracy will be stepping up as Senior manager/deputy superintendent.
4. On 12th Oct we shall be going to Breakthrough village for church meeting.
5. Pui Yee will be in China with His Foundation’s English teacher training program as facilitator between 23-30th Oct.
6. Pray for Kwu Tung North’s development. The future is still unknown.
7. Pray for application of guardianships of our residents.