Martin and Martha Wang

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Greetings in the name of our Lord. Pray that the Lord guard you as you dwell in His love and honour Him with a thankful heart. We are united in the gospel as we diligently carry out His Great Commission totally God focused and Christ centred.

I have been a member of the Chinese Church in London for a long time, most people know me as Uncle Martin of the Mandarin Congregation. The Lord had opened the door for me to serve Him in China and I have often travelled to the country to help the local church in the design and build of new churches and at the same time engage in evangelism and discipleship training. The Church has adopted me as one of their missionaries hence my sharing in the handbook.

I was in Weihai and Heilongjiang three weeks ago. Twenty years ago the Lord enabled us to open Weihai Foreign Language School in partnership with Jian Hua Foundation. The Weihai Church building was built in 2004 and from its early days of 300 believers, the Weihai Church now has over 7000 worshippers with four separate meeting places in the town. My visit was to discuss the purchase and building plan of a commercial building for a new congregation. We give thanks and praise to the Lord and we hope to consecrate the new building before the new year.

We had started the building project in Heilongjiang in the Spring of 2012, owing to the adverse weather conditions with temperatures of -40c, we were only able to work six months a years, this coupled with funding issues only the exterior is now complete. There is currently a huge shortfall; without sufficient funds the building cannot be completed. This is a real test of faith, please pray with me for the Lord’s provision. Should the Lord touch you to partner with me, please speak with your congregation MCT representative. This new church will sit 1200, may the Lord revive His church in this rural area; may more and more come to know Him and may His name be lifted high. Amen.