Welcome to the NSC English Service

Whether you are just visiting London, or are seeking a Christian community to call your home, we welcome you to join us every Sunday in the heart of Covent Garden.

Sunday service time:

  • 11:30 am (come early for light refreshments)

Location (here):

The Seven Dial Club
42 Earlham St
London WC2H 9LA

Getting Plugged into our Community

Connect Lunch

If you are new to our church or would just like to find out more about us in a casual environment, we invite you to join us at our Soho Outreach Centre for our Connect Lunch Gathering on Sunday, 28th of May. Our leaders and members of the Connect team will be gathering people to walking over to our main church centre from 7 Dials after the service. We hope to see you there! Click here to sign up, so that we can prepare lunch for you.

360˚ Student Fellowship Group

360˚ Fellowship has English speaking students from all over London coming together to worship God. We get to know each other by doing bible studies, creative activities and having student-related discussions on faith. Our aim is for all students to become like Jesus in 360 degrees of our lives!

You can find out more information and get in contact with our 360˚ Fellowship co-ordinator via the 360˚ Fellowship Facebook Page .

Life Groups

As a church we believe that being part of a small community of believers is important to the nurturing of our Christian faith. If you would like to learn more about the different Life Groups that meet across London on a regular basis please come to the next Connect Lunch (see above) to find out more.

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Do join us at the 7-Dials Club at 9.45 am on Sunday before service starts, to look at God’s Word together in small groups. Everyone is welcome; we have groups for youth, university students and working adults, in English and Cantonese. The aim of our bible studies is to equip everyone with the skills to understand the bible, apply it to our lives and help other people understand it.

Prayer requests

If you have any praises or prayer items that you would like our prayer ministry team to know about and lift up in prayer, please drop us a note here.

We would love to hear from you…

We are a relatively young service with a lot to learn! We would love to hear your feedback regarding our Sunday service, whether it is something you enjoyed and found useful, or something that you feel we could improve. If you have feedback for us you can anonymously drop us a note here.

How to get involved in NSC English Service

If you are interested in serving God and the church community in a particular ministry (the Connect team, Sunday service tech team, youth and student ministries etc), click on the following link and fill in your details, then we will get in contact with you. (Get Involved)

Sunday Talks Online

Did you know that you can access our sermons and notes via our Church website? To gain access to these online resources, please contact our church office via this contact form to set up an online account. (Please indicate that you attend our NSC English service at 7 Dials).